About me

Hi! I am PhD student at the Dyson Robotics Lab supervised by Prof. Andrew Davison. I am intetretsted in scence represenation and understanding for downstream robotic manipulation. In June 2021, I completed my MEng in Mechatronics and Robotics at The University of Sheffiled, during which I worked on Long-term Outdoor Mapping for my master’s dissertation. During my time at university and previously during high school I have been very active in competitive robotics, participating in competitions such as MATE ROV and RoboCup.

I like tinkering with things and exploring their ins and outs, this however has a minor side effect of things occasionally breaking (ops..), but trying to fix them forces you to really understand the thing and makes the process a lot more fun!

I enjoy working on robots, both on the software and hardware side. I particularly enjoy the endless supply of challenges and problems associated with working on robots which arise from the messy world that we want them to operate in (humans are also still struggling to some degree in the same environment).

Check out the projects I have been working on here.